A basic claymation exercise


I am sure you never saw these:

A short love story
My first claymation film

Unless you happened to be one of the unfortunate few who I somehow or the other bulldozed/bullshitted/bribed/begged/beseeched into going through these :)

When I had started my experiments with clay modelling, I was sure my claymation avocation was just history-in-the-making. Today more than a year and a half later, it is just history :(

So instead of letting that go waste, why not subject you, unsuspecting readers to some of my early forays into claymation.

Strictly speaking this is not claymation — just stop-frame animation of clay figures. Maybe the first few rungs of a tall ladder, I never did climb!

In this particular case, the camera remains constant but the subject is moved around 360 degrees. In an earlier film I had tried another technique — where the camera is moved around 360 degrees while the subject remains constant at the centre of the circle. Best seen in Matrix and Mission Impossible.

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