Yet another basic claymation exercise


Two posts in a row and I am sure you still haven’t seen these:

A 360 degree swirl
A short love story
Brokeback Claymation

Now presenting the last of the first batch — I promise :) — of my once upon a time (circa 2006) wannabe attempts at claymation (but is actually only stop-motion animation).

How this is different from its prequel (A360DS) is that here the protagonist (Ramaswamy) remains fixed at its spot — while the camera does a 360 degree parikrama around it. A technique pioneered by the Wachowski brothers and John Woo in Matrix and Mission Impossible series of films respectively — and taken to new heights by Ekta Kapoor in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi when Tulsi shot her son Ansh :-D

Don’t worry I am not going to subject you to another camera technique Ekta Kapoor popularized in India — the mother-of-melodrama rapid zoom-ins-and-outs!

Unless you ask for it :-p

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