Ek tooth. Ache tooth

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This conversation took place a little over three months ago when I had an impacted wisdom tooth surgically removed. Wincing in pain, over the next few days, I had put up a suitable ‘status’ message on my email/chat. Niyam saw that ‘status’ message and initiated this conversation. Proof that we indeed are a ‘status’ conscious society :-p
(Even though the hehes, heehees, hahas are all original, you should see them as the equivalent of canned laughter in television comedies… if you see no humour otherwise)

niyam: ever since you’ve published your line ‘the tooth shall prevail’ my wife has developed some tooth problem and visiting the dentist everyday, and my mom also developed another problem. All Co-inciDENTALLY, eh?

me: Did they visit a doctor? My APOLLOji’s :)

niyam: heheheheheee


when your teeth hurt, it needs GUMption to visit the dentist

me: actually it should have been –The TOOTH shall pre-WAIL!

niyam: heheheheee

yes, please change that

me: been there Daant that!

niyam: ufff!!! you and your Daante’s divine comedy

me: hehe

niyam: heheheeee

and when you need courage

you need diler

diler mehndi

me: :-) (Driller Mehndi!)

niyam: Tooth Tooth Tooth toothi iya

me: actually..it is — Toothache, toothache, toothache, tootiya….hey jamalo!

this one fits well

niyam: yup!

trust you to drill it in

me: mere Toothey drill ke tukdey!

niyam: you know the secret and the raaz of this

no wonder you are the

me: Razdaant?

niyam: Ra Howl Raaz Daant

me: :-D

me: dang! i cant even grin properly.. can’t open my mouth fully :-D

niyam: okay okay okay

time for you to get inspired for your next masterpiece at swadeshe

math teacher: what comes after 69? student: mouth-wash.

me: I have enough fodder for the next few months!


niyam: 32 chambers of Shaw Lin: dentist report on manek shaw


me: haha

and what do u call teeth marks on a person’s ass?

niyam: ?

me: Butt-teesi

niyam: heheheeeeeeeeeeeee

the history of dentistry: Toothpast.


me: and those guys who make tonnes of money drilling into people’s teeth?

hahaha past

Denture Capitalists!

niyam: heheheee

uff! rahul! ccchhhaa gaye

let’s have it on swadeshe PLEASE

me: hehe… lemme see

niyam: what do you call your mother’s brother in Antarctica were he a furry animal? Molar Bear

me: hahaha

What did the dog tell the bitch, to be invited to her place?

niyam: ?

me: Canine come over to your place, tonight?

niyam: yup

her address: K9, Bitch Alley


me: hehe

Ok… whats with YOUR status message?

niyam: true.

screwed with work. this is comic relief before i go into the mince meat machine again


ok lemme get back to work
And to all of you who have to get back to doing better things, after this “comic relief”, a very big thank you. Psst… The relief was all mine :-p

11 thoughts on “Ek tooth. Ache tooth

  1. Tooth stings? Post the sting operation that I conducted?

    Tooth gaye! Lut gaye! Reminds me of Ogden Nash and the mandatory poem “this is goin’ to hurt a little bit…” sans the ‘wisdom’

    PS – you made sure to comment on my blog once you were up and running!


  2. to read is to believe!! I was searching for some of the best blogs of today..
    n i loved reading yours! Amazing sense of humour.
    Looking fwd to more..


  3. Mohak:
    I just read the Ogden Nash piece. Expectedly Hilarious :-D

    You could even have said, ‘finally something’ (considering the time gap between posts) :-p

    Thanks a lot. Please come more often :-) [And for some weird reason the WordPress spam filter had marked your comment as spam!!]


  4. AMAZING…….I really got to your blog after long time and was trying to catch up and then read this and it really made my day.


  5. hee hee hee
    so funny
    im laughing my teeth off!
    (ok that was a pathetic attempt at being dental, i mean dental)
    (k that was more pathetic)

    funny that ppl get wiser after their wisdom teeth r pulled out eh ;)


  6. Mohit:
    Look at the irony of it, one man’s misery makes another man’s day :-)

    Then there’s scope for some more improvement — I still got 3 of my wisdom teeth remaining. (Along with the 28 other not-so-wise ones!)


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