Yet another basic claymation exercise


Two posts in a row and I am sure you still haven’t seen these:

A 360 degree swirl
A short love story
Brokeback Claymation

Now presenting the last of the first batch — I promise :) — of my once upon a time (circa 2006) wannabe attempts at claymation (but is actually only stop-motion animation).

How this is different from its prequel (A360DS) is that here the protagonist (Ramaswamy) remains fixed at its spot — while the camera does a 360 degree parikrama around it. A technique pioneered by the Wachowski brothers and John Woo in Matrix and Mission Impossible series of films respectively — and taken to new heights by Ekta Kapoor in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi when Tulsi shot her son Ansh :-D

Don’t worry I am not going to subject you to another camera technique Ekta Kapoor popularized in India — the mother-of-melodrama rapid zoom-ins-and-outs!

Unless you ask for it :-p

A basic claymation exercise


I am sure you never saw these:

A short love story
My first claymation film

Unless you happened to be one of the unfortunate few who I somehow or the other bulldozed/bullshitted/bribed/begged/beseeched into going through these :)

When I had started my experiments with clay modelling, I was sure my claymation avocation was just history-in-the-making. Today more than a year and a half later, it is just history :(

So instead of letting that go waste, why not subject you, unsuspecting readers to some of my early forays into claymation.

Strictly speaking this is not claymation — just stop-frame animation of clay figures. Maybe the first few rungs of a tall ladder, I never did climb!

In this particular case, the camera remains constant but the subject is moved around 360 degrees. In an earlier film I had tried another technique — where the camera is moved around 360 degrees while the subject remains constant at the centre of the circle. Best seen in Matrix and Mission Impossible.

A short love story

Claymation, Humour

I had gathered a lot of video shots during my initial experiments with claymation. While the magnum opus is still at a story-board stage, I decided to put to use some of the ‘spare shots’. A lot like mothers (or like that guy on MAD TV on Pogo) who conjur up by-products out of waste pieces of cloth and other material.

Here I tried a hopelessly dummy-stamped rendition of a popular modern-day camera technique. I would be flattered if anyone figures out what technique is being talked about.

And of course this is not pureplay claymation either. That’s reserved for the magnum opus, remember!

Production Stills :: Brokeback Claymation


Claymation :: Sheriff BarClay

Uploaded on Flickr by rahulrazdan.

This is sheriff BarClay, the lead character of my attempted film "Brokeback Claymation".

Initially meant to be clay-animated, the development of this character threw up many engineering challenges. It has been wire-reinforced. His wearing bell-bottomed denims was not as per initial design, but evolved more out of the need to keep his centre-of-gravity within his footfall area. However, if you see in the (attempted) film, even this did not work as per design.

But I got a new film idea… and that is what you finally see, here >>

My first claymation film

Claymation, Humour

Set in the wild west of USA (but shot around the East Coast Road in Chennai) this film takes a look at sheriff BarClay's attempts at coming to terms with a movie which according to a review on IMDB is:

"…a raw, powerful story of two young men, a Wyoming ranch hand and a rodeo cowboy, who meet in the summer of 1963 sheepherding in the harsh, high grasslands of contemporary Wyoming and form an unorthodox yet life-long bond — by turns ecstatic, bitter and conflicted…"

Times are changing, and he (sheriff BarClay) must stand up to the winds sweeping his surroundings. How he (sheriff BarClay) ends up being a victim of his own disbelief and 'rigidity' is the essence (eh, sense?) of this film.

Watch it here…


brokeback mountain claymation cowboy western funny humor humour sheriff clay animation

Technically speaking, not a pure-play claymation film. More like a film using a clay model. Uploaded on YouTube by YoursTruly! You may want to rate this film at YouTube (it rocks!)

Why don't you write a review of this film? The comments are open, and there is no time limit, no word limit. Just the limits of your imagination…