Rahul’s back!

Rahul's bent back shooting in Ladakh

Rahul's bent back shooting in Ladakh

If you happen to be reading this… may I ask, WHY?
What are you doing on a blog that’s not been updated more than once in the the last 14 months!

Well… I do have an anaemic and implausible excuse that I was away long enough — so that the comeback had more impact ;-)

Rahul's arched-back archery

Rahul's arched-back archery in Goa

And gave me an opportunity to use the title ‘Rahul’s back‘ (like you care!) — a title template which had recently been used for Madhuri Dixit’s comeback (comely back, eh) .

Madhuri Dixit's back

Madhuri Dixit's back

The same — “….’s back” — line had also been used for the promotion of one of Geri Halliwel’s comeback albums, where she emerges bare-backed from a pool. A prominent tattoo on her lower back. Anyone remember the song/video? (No this is not a quiz question. Just asking.)

Spooky night photos


No this is not a manifestation of the photographer dormant in me. I’ve got a long way to go in that regard.

This is more a manifestation of my be-regular-at-blogging self trying to ‘technically’ brow beat the world-weary, work-laden, lazy me!

A few pictures I took some hours ago… (VGA camera of my PalmTreo650)





Looks interesting, no?

Will dig up some pictures I took of the lunar eclipsed moon some months ago.

And a promise to myself (and to you too if you insist!) to be regular with my blogging, come what may…

Bizzare hailstorm in India leaves broken windshields


Three weeks ago, Gurgaon (a suburb of the Indian capital New Delhi), witnessed a severe hailstorm. The maximum impact was felt in the Nirvana Country complex, South City -2, Gurgaon. Windscreens of roughly 90% cars parked in the open got damaged and glass windows of several houses were broken. Take a look !! This also was one of my first experiments with Digg, which coincided with WordPress providing support for Digg — as can be seen on the Digg button on the side!

This video was shot by my colleague Pratap who lives there.

Child labour banned


The week gone by witnessed one of those days of the year again when there were thousands of weddings in Delhi alone — 34,000 weddings this year! I went to one such wedding, part of the groom’s entourage and as the baaraat was inching towards the venue I observed these boys holding the heavy light contraptions that were illuminating the baaraat. (Useless trivia: Did you notice the sentence almost had an oxymoron — ‘heavy’ and ‘light’?)

While the baaraatis danced till their feet got sore; the bandwaalas played till their lungs got sore; the dholwaalas beat their dhols till the hides got sore; these boys held the lights aloft till their backs got sore. And then they just bent their tender backs a little.

A little more…





And the visionary ‘enlightening’ employer…


Child labour banned — did you say? Asha Band says the same…

…Only spelled differently — Child labour band!