This blog is maintained by Rahul Razdan.

The bearded entity in the mast-head is yours truly, recreated in clay by my better-half! The graphic treatment has been done in Gimp, which is a wonderful free (free of cost, and free of obligation) alternative to Photoshop.
Give me time to write more about myself, and I promise, I won’t disappoint you.

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  1. Dear Rahul Razdan,

    i happen to read your blog.

    i am looking for GoAir Inflight Magazine. It happens that your blog talked about a magaizne called “Gladrags”. Do you have an extra copy of “Gladrags”? I would like to have one as part of my inflight magazine collection.

    Please reply, kindly with your assistance. Thank you.

    Gan / Kucinta


  2. Gan / Kucinta,

    ‘Gladrags’ as a magazine (run by Maureen Wadia) had been in existence for many years before GoAir (run by one of Maureen’s sons) was even launched. In that sense it is not like other regular ‘inflight magazines’.

    GoAir provides Gladrags inflight because it gets these old & unsold issues for free. In a way GoAir acts as a clearing house for the unsold issues of Gladrags.

    I do not have a copy of Gladrags with me. But since it is a regular magazine as well, you could look for it at Rediff Shopping and Indiatimes Shopping.



  3. Rahul(ji), how are you..well I know you dont like the ji there..hence in brackets..howz it going? chennai aaney ka kuch program hai kya?

    Take care



  4. hey rahul… ur blog is really quite intersting.. i liked the blog on how to make money via blogging – the two cases…

    Actually … i m a MBA student .. doing a project on blogging as a corporate tool /marketing tool.. can u throw somw insight as to how companies are using blogs??

    any companies in india.. plzz … let me know.. thnx tc


  5. Thanks Neha! I am not an avid reader of ‘corporate blogs’ myself — but whenever a new product is launched (typically in the Internet/digital/electronics consumer products space), I see myself land up at the official blogs of the companies to hear from the horses’ mouth! So in the old world continuum of Advertising >> PR/Press release >> News; corporate blogs would fall around the PR/Press release zone. On the other hand it is a first-hand customer feedback gathering channel too. But this is a simplistic summary of an interesting area that you are studying :)

    The ones that I checked very recently are Google blog –> http://googleblog.blogspot.com/ — and Dell blog –> http://direct2dell.com. In India, Naukri started –> http://recruiterblogs.naukri.com/ for their corporate clients.


  6. Rahul, it is a pleasure to add your blog to my blogroll. I faintly feel I met you at BlogCamp Chennai , Sept last. Even if I am mistaken on that count, your blog is an instant connect for me. Thank Jammy for providing a link to your blog in a post.


  7. Hey Rahul,

    Nice mast-head… liked it.. stumbledupon ur site from Jamms’ site…
    I liked your Brokeback mountain claymation… i have done a clay model on mangal pandey a few years back.. i wanted to know which s/w did u use to do the titles in ur claymation project. Do visit http://www.u2b.in and gimme ur feedback.



  8. Thanks Shivkumar! Would like to see your Mangal Pandey clay model too. In fact it is a good subject. Even I would try one now :) As for your query — the titles are done on Windows Movie Maker that comes with Windows XP.


  9. Hey Rahul,

    Iam a final year student of journalism and iam doing a research on Web2.0 . As you are a blog writer, i would like you to fill up a questionnaire for me which would help me in my project work.



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  11. Hi Rahul,
    I happened to see your blog about claymation when am surfing for the clay movie making references.. But i dint find more about ths in india.. I just wanted to know whether you have learned this techniques urself or from any schools.. It would be very great if you could just point me some direction.. Currently am in chennai.

    My email id is rameshvel at gmail.com

    Ramesh Vel


  12. Hey, I enjoy reading your posts. You and your readers might like this video that a friend sent me. It’s a Bollywood version of an iTunes spot. Keep up the good work blogging!

    – Kiran


  13. Respected Sir,
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    6. Love v/s friendship…

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    8. Cricket- on the Field or on the Playstation?

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    10. My mom looks hotter than me! HELP!!

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    I am excited to discuss with you or some other relevant person for the same.

    Best Regards,


  17. I’m contacting you on the Behalf of bewakoof.com! Will you do promotion for us on any event like Friendship day etc ! We will pay you in return! Will wait for your response ! Thanks :)


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