Google ads gone to the dogs


This post is an instance of digressed writing — where the writer sets out to write something that’s there in his mind, but ends up writing something else.

I am sure most of you are aware of ‘contextual advertising‘. I am also sure that some of you might have come across contextual advertising gone wrong. (Here are a few examples: here (tip from Ouchmytoe) and here). That’s almost like a genre of posts in its own right, right? (Grammatic thought: Do two ‘rights’ make a wrong? :-p)

Today, when I was researching a story, I came across this ‘contextually’ served ad-group by Google!


The ‘context’ was a story about ‘stray dogs’ and the first two ads are about ‘sexy bikini collection’ and ‘top sexy models’! Let me throw a little challenge for you to join the logical dots between ‘stray dogs’ and ‘sexy bikini models’! Ok, here is a highly ‘sexist’ (pun intended) attempt.

Context –> Stray dogs;
Look for synonyms –>
…Stray: Wayward, deviant
…Dogs: Canine, puppy
Look for antonyms –>
…Stray: Straight, on-track, focus
…Dogs: Bitches
Make combinations of the above –>
Got it? Ok, now don’t shoot me! I was just trying to see some reason!
(In case you did not get it: top sexy models = wayward bitches? Ok, now you also don’t shoot me! I was just trying to see some reason!)

But even that ‘reason’ fails when you look at the third ad! A Ganpati Bapa Moria ad, for a context of stray dogs? Fodder enough for some rabble rousers to take Google to task? :-p

But then Google knows best!


Oh! Before I forget. The reason for beginning this post…

Ever since I went to Korea, my senses have been heightened to any mention of the following two words in the same breath — Korea & dogs!

So I read this recent news piece (ok, it is no longer ‘recent’) about a legislator in India suggesting that stray dogs from India be exported to Korea, where they could be treated with respect. The same tandoori respect that we bestow on our chickens!

For coming up with such a brilliant win-win solution I suggest these legislators be sent on this junket to New Guinea.

What say you, readers? (Hello! Anybody there?)

12 thoughts on “Google ads gone to the dogs

  1. Mohak:
    A platform that lends itself to be so thoroughly manipulated… Ahem! (Having said that, yeah marketers like you do it the best) :-p

    Adi Crazy:
    There are just three other cases in my limited memory where one ‘Hails’ the subject. Hitler, Mogambo and Taxis :-p

    That being the case, SEO/SEM specialists like Mohak (above) would not be such a sought-after breed :)


  2. wow google adsense jus took contextual advertising to the next level(where context is not important). all hails googles~~and i dont think SEO affects the ad content


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