Picking up the threads


It’s a miracle that I remember the login credentials of this account, considering the loooooong gap since the last post.

The world around has changed a lot since then. I sure have changed as a person too. The device I am typing this on didn’t even exist when I had last posted here! (a gizmo show off plug here: I am typing this on a Samsung Galaxy Tab)

I am looking forward to renewing my tryst with writing. However, hardly any issues I have a point of view or position on now. Humor, I shall try and continue with – more as a mission. You could call it my missionary position :)


Rahul’s back!

Rahul's bent back shooting in Ladakh

Rahul's bent back shooting in Ladakh

If you happen to be reading this… may I ask, WHY?
What are you doing on a blog that’s not been updated more than once in the the last 14 months!

Well… I do have an anaemic and implausible excuse that I was away long enough — so that the comeback had more impact ;-)

Rahul's arched-back archery

Rahul's arched-back archery in Goa

And gave me an opportunity to use the title ‘Rahul’s back‘ (like you care!) — a title template which had recently been used for Madhuri Dixit’s comeback (comely back, eh) .

Madhuri Dixit's back

Madhuri Dixit's back

The same — “….’s back” — line had also been used for the promotion of one of Geri Halliwel’s comeback albums, where she emerges bare-backed from a pool. A prominent tattoo on her lower back. Anyone remember the song/video? (No this is not a quiz question. Just asking.)

Pichhle saath dinon mein maine khoya…


It started off as a pre-Diwali clean-up exercise.

After prevaricating for years (in some cases, a decade!) I finally decided to let go off a few things that had long ceased to be of any use to me. Yet, these were not easy calls to take!

The temptation that finally pushed me over the edge was the temptation to blog about it. So I would take breaks during the clean-up exercise and click photographs of these artefacts.

Somewhere along the line, the sense of ‘loss’ became so overwhelming that I got melancholy and poetic. And somewhere further down the line, the intended blog post took the shape of a song.

Listen & rock on!