Pichhle saath dinon mein maine khoya…


It started off as a pre-Diwali clean-up exercise.

After prevaricating for years (in some cases, a decade!) I finally decided to let go off a few things that had long ceased to be of any use to me. Yet, these were not easy calls to take!

The temptation that finally pushed me over the edge was the temptation to blog about it. So I would take breaks during the clean-up exercise and click photographs of these artefacts.

Somewhere along the line, the sense of ‘loss’ became so overwhelming that I got melancholy and poetic. And somewhere further down the line, the intended blog post took the shape of a song.

Listen & rock on!


10 thoughts on “Pichhle saath dinon mein maine khoya…

  1. Shabaash mere cheeteh..hahahahha…dude this is fantastic…teri ungli karne ki aadat nahi gayi!! by the way, who’s voice is it? the command over the octaves is mind boggling..maan gaye bhai maan omi ..tu hi hai asli baahubali..rock on dude


  2. @ soul in exile:: Thanks for you comments :-) Well I disposed off the stuff in the only manner known to me — handing it over to a wholesale scrap dealer

    @ nishant:: Don’t tell me you couldn’t make out who the singer is ;-)

    @ Syam:: Thanks! You’ve been an ex-Satyam employee too :-)

    @ Chiranjeev:: Yeah man! FINALLY had to let go of it. BTW, what did you do with your dozens of damaged CD ROMS?

    @ Tabitha:: Thanks :-)


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