Rahul’s back!

Rahul's bent back shooting in Ladakh

Rahul's bent back shooting in Ladakh

If you happen to be reading this… may I ask, WHY?
What are you doing on a blog that’s not been updated more than once in the the last 14 months!

Well… I do have an anaemic and implausible excuse that I was away long enough — so that the comeback had more impact ;-)

Rahul's arched-back archery

Rahul's arched-back archery in Goa

And gave me an opportunity to use the title ‘Rahul’s back‘ (like you care!) — a title template which had recently been used for Madhuri Dixit’s comeback (comely back, eh) .

Madhuri Dixit's back

Madhuri Dixit's back

The same — “….’s back” — line had also been used for the promotion of one of Geri Halliwel’s comeback albums, where she emerges bare-backed from a pool. A prominent tattoo on her lower back. Anyone remember the song/video? (No this is not a quiz question. Just asking.)

10 thoughts on “Rahul’s back!

  1. Look at Me!

    Now how would i remember such an obscure song, you wonder! Its the freckles! I have never had freckles sing to me before – it was almost spooky!


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