Bing Translator Goof-ups in Twitter

Humour, Language

This post is a compilation of one particular quirk that keeps showing up with unfailing regularity in the Twitter app on Nokia Lumia 720 whereby the ‘translated from’ language is often shown erroneously.  A stray translation mistake here or there is understandable, and maybe, even acceptable. As it is, the translation volunteered by the system in most cases isn’t even unnecessary. But over time this has turned into an amusing exercise to get surprised with  what random ‘translated from’ language gets thrown up next. —-

#1: POLISH             #2: ESTONIAN

pol est2

#3: DANISH               #4: HAITIAN-CREOLE

dan    hait2

#5: MALAY                #6: SLOVENIAN

malay  slov

#7: INDONESIAN       #8: DUTCH

indo   dutc

#9: FRENCH              #10: PORTUGEUSE

fre   port

And yes finally, it identified HINDI correctly!


BUT whether it translated that correctly… well, that’s a subject we may take up some other time.

—- Disclaimer: I have great respect for Microsoft, its products, its employees and also its users (I am one of them!) —-

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