They searched this and found Swadeshe

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Even as my new post struggles towards completion, I thought it might be interesting to see what contributes to the trickle of people coming here from search-engines. Just to add value (and create some stickiness for the post) I have added my estimate [on a scale of -100 to 100] and remarks as to how much ‘user satisfaction‘ the visit could have provided!

Search Terms for 7 days ending 2006-06-19

jayalalitha karunanidhi funny picture

  • Sorry no pictures of Jayalalitha (even though the text in an earlier post had the inadvertently saucy string “…100 pictures of Jayalalitha and 100 pictures of karunanidhi…”); and one may just-about find the Karunanidhi picture funny [50]

masood nasser

  • This certainly was Masood checking his own name on Google ;-) [100]

“Mahir Cagri” 2006

  • Only Wikipedia or Swadeshe would have any fresh information on Mahir Cagri in 2006 [80]

picture of shahid afridi advertising pep

  • Must have been some fan wanting to check out Afridi in a pep(si?) advertisement; only to find him here in the chuckers roll of (dis)honor [-50]

rahul razdan

  • This most certainly was me, in search of myself! [100]

guy goma clip

  • Yessir! Perhaps the second or third best Guy Goma repository — after Wikipedia and [70]

shahid afridi pepsi adds

  • Hmmm. Now this must be some Pepsi ad… I’ll also look up [-50]

sign board manufacturers in chennai

  • Sorry folks! Wrong sign-al [-40]

pics of karunanidhi

  • I assume this would be an arm-chair publisher or a gerontophile :-p [70]

kurt cobain post mortem pics

  • I just had a mention of Kurt Cobain. But post mortem pics…??? I would think positive and assume this was a medical student doing some research [20]

shoaib akhtar sings song

  • Had that been Sachin Tendulkar – I would have assumed these were Kishore Kumar songs. But my un-educated guess is, these could be songs from Tere Naam! [-50]


  • Ok  [80]

rani mukherjee round face

  • No Rani Mukherjee here. No round face here. But nice insight… [-20]

Bowling Arm

  • Yessir! You are at the right place. Chucking is all about misuse of the bowling arm. [80]

“pardesi pardesi” lyrics in English”

  • If this were a focused search, then sorry to have disappointed. But contextually, I did give you other ‘pardesi’ songs… [30]

shahid afridi interview

  • Whenever/where ever you finally read that interview, if it talks about Shahid Afridi chucking, please please send me a link. [20]

hindi to ek khanabadosh, saara jag mera

  • Wow! That was an interesting search query. Did I help you? [50]

None (Aww! A bad query day)

pardesiya lyrics in urdu

  • If this were a focused search, then sorry to have disappointed. But contextually, I did give you other ‘pardesi’ songs… [30]

pardesiya yeh such song lyrics

  • ditto [30]

shahid afridi youtube

  • Yes this one fits. Once you read how Shahid Afridi chucks, you may want to check out a clip or two on YouTube. [60]

urdu point funny picturs

  • Too early in the life-stage of this blog, but as an aspiration I would like to provide for that query eventually. [10]

arm hand puns

  • Oops! If only I had known it before ‘hand’ — but no ‘arm’ in trying even now… [0]

8 thoughts on “They searched this and found Swadeshe

  1. :-) @ (al)legion
    And by “…growing fans…” did you mean:
    – They are all young kids in the rapidly growing/developing stage of life. Why would you attract such a crowd..? Unless you are leading a parallel life a la Shaktiman ;-)
    – They are ‘growing’ in their mid-riffs… Now dont look down… just enjoy the mirth in girth :-)


  2. well…yes it is dodo-headedness to not believe that the bowler in question would bowl legitimately in the laboratory, BUT ( as in harbhajan’s case) it saves the bowlers the drudgery of (public) shame and embarassment!!….not to forget ( again, as in bhaji’s case) the grind of going through the process again and again.
    Fines and penalties are not the only corrective measures, saving face and humiliation should be reason enough for not ‘chucking’ bowling ethics.


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