Gizmode: Alternative narrative

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If you have read my last post Gizmode, the bot in my pot, I hope you will appreciate this alternative narrative of the same.

If you have not read my last post Gizmode, the bot in my pot, I hope you will appreciate this post as is :)

Someday, given enough time, motivation & computing power I may make a video of the same too. Or maybe, even an audio podcast… but then the idea of suitable ambient sounds would gross you out, right? :-p

In the meanwhile, here goes…

9 thoughts on “Gizmode: Alternative narrative

  1. jeez,what a post..!will try to read ur other posts too..till then be right where you are….on ur pot..caught u!ROTFLMAO…


  2. The Pot is good to sit on…….. but not to be on:-)

    have seen many who have been reduced to a penny

    why do I digress.. cause I havent seen the tigress …

    yaar miltey hai… aur saat mey khiltey hai…



  3. Hey,

    This is exactly the kinda potty I used when I was in Japan… The only thing that confused me was the front and back spray!… Figured it out finally that it was for men and women :-)


  4. Sugar:
    Hope you’ve had enough to read (considering that I haven’t written anything new for a while now) :-)

    The Slideshare experience was good. Have plans of putting a lot of my earlier PowerPoint presentations here. But time….sigh! And thank you for linking. Remind me to update your link too!

    Poetic remarks over pot-tic contexts :-p

    Any pictures? (…of the potty — without you of course!) :-p

    :-( No news on that front yet. Thanks for asking.


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