Some funny signboards

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Some funny signboards collected over time.

Shop in Seoul, Korea:
Obviously this has a cultural context. I don’t know about other places, but in India, the little finger is sometimes used as an action-euphemism for answering nature’s call! Yeah, this was not a men’s room — just an auto-accessory shop!


Shop very close to Jaipur on Delhi-Jaipur highway NH-8:
This signboard is dirty. Oh! Not for the pun in the syllabic-abbreviation S EK C — but the actual dirt on it!


On the way from Shenzhen to Hong Kong:
Ahem! What in the world do they mean by Character City? So, by implication, others are characterless cities, eh?


Shop in Coex Shopping Mall, Seoul, South Korea:
Even though this is an English word too — I read it as a Hindi word! Predictably, this shop had nothing to with India or Indians!


On the way from Shenzhen to Hong Kong:
Ok, I shall refrain from spelling that out as this blog has a family audience too! (I mean members of my family read it :-p)


Whether this disappointed you big time or interested you even a wee bit — you must check out for an awesome collection of Indian signboards by Nikhil Kulkarni.

5 thoughts on “Some funny signboards

  1. Nikhil,
    Will be forwarding you the funny signs I find in future :)
    Saw the signboards on your blog too. At some point, we should all pool our funny signboards :)
    Adi Crazy,
    Thanks :)


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