A vegetarian goes to Burger King, Korea

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Based on a real storie story. (Blame that typo on Aap Ka Kaa Suroor Surroor! And this one too!)

It’s all about loving your vegetables. (Blame that on Karan Johar!)

To all the vegetarians out there…

In a land where people are said to eat dogs, never walk into a fast-food joint and ask for a ‘hot dog’ — they might take it literally! (Ok, that was joke to kick start the post!) And offer you Tommy HighFiber! (Joke again)

To play it safe, walk into an American fast-food place. (Thought being: You have eaten at American fast-food places in India, so this would be a ‘little’ different at best!)


Then order something that meets your high vegetarian standards — a cheeseburger. (Thought being: A cheeseburger is a cheeseburger is a cheeseburger!) Then you see the line ‘…sometimes we wish we were you…’ Touché!

All you now need to do is turn the burger over. (Thought being: Maybe they have another sweet message for you over there!)imga0175.jpg

Of course font-sizes DO NOT make a difference here. The message that has to catch your eye — catches your eye! (Thought being: It’s not just beef. It’s 100% beef! ) Holy cows! (pun intended)

And then something like this…imga0177.jpg

Becomes something like this…imga0178.jpg

Out you go!

Now you understand why they say: “Have it your way!”imga0180.jpg

All this happened to a hungry young man recently!

21 thoughts on “A vegetarian goes to Burger King, Korea

  1. Are you sure the dough that made that burger bread was 100% vegetarian ? The pic above then would have had only your hand in mouth!


  2. Pushy:
    I don’t know :( And what about the ketchup? The sugar? Water? Air? Don’t scare me now!
    In any case eating my hand would would be non-vegetarian too, right? Back to square one!

    Ques: In which condition does eating a into a hand qualify as vegetarian?
    Ans: As long as you start with the lady’s finger!


  3. u suck… or that post suck… or that pics suck….or may be burger king suck…. hopefully and (i pray thee) only its packaging only sucks…..
    And I Thought burger king burgers are the best!!!

    yeh hai mera mera mera kassoor…


  4. falcon:
    you almost sound like suckwinder singh! I never said Burger King burgers are bad. In fact I was completely bowled over by the first line in their packaging — so I guess your ‘prayers to me'(??) are answered!

    falcon ke peechhe se kya tumne keh daala, phir se to farmaana…


  5. The font size is inversely proportional to the eye size of the average eastern oriental human being.

    We bovine worshippers get them in the purest form, I mean 100% beef! :D

    I guess you’d return completely ‘beefed-up’ with the Korean online revolution!

    P.S – I wonder who is the “young man” here? (lol)


  6. Mohak:
    The joke is that it’s a dog-(m)eat-dog world out here!
    As for the ‘young man’: ‘Some details have been changed to protect the identities of the people involved!’ :-D


  7. ya prayers to u… for every time i pray to god he listens me….
    coz “every time” and I mean “every time” i ask him “oh, God what could be worse!!!”
    And he says don’t worry I’ll show it to u!!! give me 48 hrs.

    So i pray thee to say only its packaging sucks


  8. LOL. I had a personal experience like this. In my initial days in the US, I walked into a McD and asked for a cheese burger and you know the rest of the story.

    But funnier is my friend’s story. She went to Pizza Hut (this was before Pizza Hut made it into India) in the US and saw the Pepporani pizza and thought those cute circles were some sort of peppered tomatoes :)


  9. Adi:
    “poor” did you say?? :-p

    khush toh bahut hoge tum…

    Twisted DNA:
    Oh! I have another one — this was when I was in Mumbai and was a non-vegetarian (non-beef, non-pork though) then. And I gobbled up a ‘meatloaf sandwich’ that a colleague of mine had brought. Only to discover later that ‘meatloaf’ was beef! Went hungry the rest of the day and drank a 100 coffees to flush my system!


  10. Thank god u didnt have it in Europe. There u woudnt have got it with the accompanying warning and might have had to find it the hard way, as happened to a friend of mine :)


  11. Rahul – it happened to me right here in Chennai.. but not in Burger King but at a local burger joint with a supposedly good reputation :) I ordered for a 100% veggie burger and then I take the first bite deeply immersed in conversation with my friend and then as I start to chew (the cud?) the once familiar taste hit me.. finally it was a case of orders getting mixed and I did get what I wanted but I can understand your state in a foreign land where most things living are eaten :-) but for eating that burger I see in the picture you could have gone to a subway..


  12. NR, of course accidentally eating meats is a different genre :-) And as for your suggestion of having gone to a subway — like there were Subways at every nook and corner of Seoul :-p


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