Travelling to China – (2): Chinese pandas in Hong Kong

Humour, Travel

Last month when I was in Shenzhen China I happened to pick up the South China Morning Post (published out of Hong Kong). This was part of my efforts at being a conscientious visitor who tries to get a feel of the country to reel-off authentic first-hand gyaan about an alien place/culture/ to people back home!

Guess what caught my eye…


…This ‘moving’ story, literally…


…About these two pandas, that China gifted to Hong Kong!


And the names of these dramatis personae?


…No. 606 and No. 610!


So what happens in a society where almost all of people’s needs as per Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs are already met?

They call for a public consultation to name these pandas!


And since this seems the most pressing issue, topical humour around this is only to be expected… (click picture to enlarge)



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