Sify: Nothing exclusive about it!

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In the last two weeks when The Hanging of Saddam Hussain posts (here & here) were attracting all kinds of search engines, many of which (as I mentioned earlier) I didn’t even know existed, there was one search service which I did identify — Sify Search. However, what astounded me was the ‘Sify Exclusive’ label next to each search result.


Obviously there was nothing (Sify) exclusve about these results, since in any case Sify Search is “enhanced by Google”! This is reminiscent of a trend in mainstream media where every news house claimed ‘exclusivity’ even for interviews and stories being simulcast all over, perhaps only with different camera angles!

2 thoughts on “Sify: Nothing exclusive about it!

  1. I know Soo :(
    Even February is 2/3rd over and I still haven’t been able to post anything. Work’s taking too much of my time, and it is but fair that I spend the remainder of active time with family. So the times that are purely ‘my own’ when I can post something will need to wait :)
    Will see if you’ve posted something new… Oh yes you did. Good.


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