The hanging of Saddam Hussain

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Today morning on YouTube — 18 of the 20 most viewed videos were about of the hanging of Saddam Hussain.


My stance on this is still a work-in-progress.

However I do have a couple of thoughts.

It is a poor-poor defence when Americans say, “It was their (incumbent Iraqis’) decision to hang him. We had nothing to do with it.” Yeah sure buddy, we believe you as much now as when you told the world that Iraq was sitting on a tranche-load of Weapons of Mass Destructions! And if going against the grain of incredulity, I were to believe you on WMDs — idiots you killed the only man who could have told you where they were hidden!!

This is the third such political execution I have seen.

The first was that of former Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu, who was executed by a shooting squad after a hasty trial in 1989. That was the Christmas on 1989. BBC says:

Two days after the death of Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, Elena, video pictures of their summary trial and execution were shown on television in Romania and around the world.

The images of their dead bodies, riddled with bullets, were broadcast and much of the unrest which continued after their deaths subsided.

The second was that of former Afghanistan President Dr. Najibullah who was publicly hanged by the Taliban in 1996 and whose body was left hanging in the open for a few days. The newspaper pictures of those hanging bodies are graphically imprinted on my mind. Especially since in India we were used to seeing him as guest of the State. In fact the rest of his family had taken shelter in India after the Taliban captured power in Afghanistan in 1996.

Somehow this time around I feel a sense of apathy seeing the visuals. Perhaps the earlier pictures where a fugitive Saddam was shown being pulled out of his hideout, had somehow prepared me for the things to come.

This gruesome link on BBC throws some light on this issue:

Releasing the normally gruesome pictures of dead leaders is a powerful gesture. It has often been used in the past to mark the end of an era.


33 thoughts on “The hanging of Saddam Hussain

  1. american should realise that if today they went into iraq because of the strength they had and did this!
    same thing can happen visaversa also one day!
    one should not play dirty politics because god will one day return the same to one and the circle will be complete.
    we should learn from this and try to be good and honest to mankind.
    we should promote good people who care for mankind.
    it was america which promoted iraq!
    its america which is repeating the same in pakisthan.
    so from this pakisthan should learn before it is too late!!


  2. I wrote about this as well on my blog. I had a very ominous feeling when I heard he was being hung when he was–before all of his trials. I think this will unleash unprecidented violence and death for years to come. The American Regime is run by a bunch of ninnies, and I feel I have the right to say that because I am American. I predict that this will be the beginning of the end of America’s relationship with Saudi Arabia. I am embarrassed by the incompetency of my government. I am ashamed that I know more about the differences between Sunni, Shia, and the Kerds than the government. I bet they have never even heard of the Yetzidis or the Zoratreans.
    I am sorry to go on so, but I am very passionate about the world. The stupid Neo-Cons talk about “World War III” as a political tactic, but they don’t see what is happening like I see it. Wait 3-5 more years. It will become clear, I imagine.
    I love my country, but I can’t wait until 2008 so that we can get new leadership.


  3. good riddance to bad rubbish
    we’re supposed to feel sory for this animal?
    he gassed and tortured his own people, and guess what?
    they are pissed off and I think are entitled to a little vengance
    it’s easy for us over here nice and safe in our suburban cul-de-sacs to critisize
    stop being naive people


  4. It is true that he was hanged and it was a piece of gossip for people around the world. did it make any difference he could be kept in jail for repentence instead of being killed…


  5. Andrea::
    Keeping in jail would not have served them the purpose of being able to parade the erstwhile mighty — the point that was made in the BBC link with regard to other leaders too.


  6. shame for the muslim leaders, f today on the hanging of a such great leader they couldnot come together to have unity, they cannot in any case could be able to defend themselves, this time can come on all the others, who have closed their eyes, shame shame muslim leaders.


  7. it is a simple message for all the muslim leaders and to all the muslim ummah that no one had killed saddam but the americans, who for their intrests r fighting against the whole muslim ummah, please it is my mssage to all of them to be unite and show u r strength to all the other nations that how much we r strong by the grace of God.


  8. i fink its good that the arsehole is dead he wont be able to harm amnyone at least he died quickly instaed of having a slow and painful death.


  9. That execution is a mistake for two reasons: in Iraq, combats are increasing and a nation that applies the death penalty is not really democratic. So what kind ok democracy Bush is exporting in Iraq??
    I’m sorry for my bad eng!


  10. usaf::
    If only the issue were as simple as you present it…

    Useless trivia — but you are an American, right?

    Baby Jebus::
    Oh yeah! That reminds me of the time some years ago, when some sections of the media would try and analyze which of the recent public appearances were by Saddam and which by his alleged look-alikes/stand-ins :)

    ndfan, raj::
    Osama remains a humbling-fumbling reality for THE Superpower…

    I agree with you on the first point. Second point is still too complex for me to have an opinion on yet…


  11. This is the best thing U.S.A did is to crush Iraq. The greatest thing Bush has done in his time was this. I thank all the soldiers who laid their like for this good purpose and pray for their souls. I specially thank Bush and his administration for doing a great job for humanity. The world shall not forget Bush and his admininistration for crushing of Iraq and Saddam Hussain.

    I Thank Bush and people of United States for this.


  12. I think it’s piece of work by great CIA…… Sadam is not yet hang by any……
    It’s just a fake for the world as he was hang by them…
    Guys CIA make all the shit to get whatthey want….
    He’s alive with a diferent ID somewhere of the world as CIA needs informations & so on….


  13. it was your luck that his own relatives hanged him ………. but i would be more courageous if by your own search would find him…………but who knows ..he is dead or not ……… might be new SADDAM is growing up there in IRAQ.


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