Insurance Term Policy, Endowment Policy, Whole Life Policy


Ok, don’t get it wrong, I have no expertise on or avid interest in the subject of insurance policies! This post has been deliberately titled thus — to explore the myth about what words work for search-engines. (The Paris Hilton vs. Lindsay Lohan and Teach an old CAT new tricks: CAT 2006 posts earlier on this blog were also an attempt towards that.)

Immediate fall outs?

I did have a few days of spike in traffic owing to the contextuality of those posts, but I am also left to contend with a legacy of hundreds of spam comments! Mercifully, WordPress has provided Akismet spam filter on all its blogs, and I am highly indebted to them for that. Akismet works like a dream, totally weeding out all the spam comments. The ones it is unable to mark as outright spam it sends for moderation.

Also, lest I disappoint you beyond redemption here is the information on insurance. I really like the betting analogy.

…Term insurance works like a betting game.
You are willing to bet that you would die this year and cough up, say, Rs 2,000.
The insurance company bets that you will not die and is willing to pay your family, say, Rs 1 million if you do.
If you survive, you lose the bet. And the insurance company takes away the Rs 2,000.
If you win the bet, you know what happens!
The bet goes on over a period of 5, 10, 15, 20… whatever number of years that both you and insurance company have agreed to.
Don’t give up so quickly!
If this does not tickle your fancy, there are other options to consider…

All this is from an old article on by N Sriram ‘How much is your life worth?

4 thoughts on “Insurance Term Policy, Endowment Policy, Whole Life Policy

  1. Thanks for referring to my article. Good to know that the analogy is considered ok. I tried explaining that to insurance agents who try to sell all kinds of policies to me but failed.


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