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I have a confession to make, and I am going to make it publicly. I have been wrong in judging Sachin Tendulkar. I always had an issue with the country’s (and most certainly his own) obsession with the centuries he scored. His centuries were an end in themselves, and not necessarily a means to an end — the larger cause of the team winning matches.

So what has caused this change of heart? No, this has nothing to do with Sanjay Manjrekar’s recent comments on Tendulkar’s dubious injury-itinerary in the last few years.

It is about the psychological impact of crossing a 100!

Well, the Prince of Kurukshetra post was picked up and linked by Mumbai Mirror in their ‘Views’ section and it sent the per day views to Swadeshe soaring past the 100 mark! In early Dravidian style (Rahul Dravid-ian, just in case, you smelt a Chennai slant here) — the previous highest was 93 views.

Same day another milestone was reached, when my Internet, Shahid Afridi & integrity post also crossed 50 views!

As of today, here are the top ten viewed posts on Swadeshe:

Title Views
Internet, Shahid Afridi & integrity
Krrishi Darshan 44
Krrish Case Study @ IIM Indore? 43
Prince of Kurukshetra
I saw Philip Kotler in Chennai! 31
Sons and Loafers: A case of bad sons-kaar 28
Jaswant Singh revisits Kandahar… 27
This Guy’s Goma make it big! 24
Mumbai Blasts: Enough is enough 20
Chucking: Acute angle, obtuse logic 17

And even though the above sample size is small, this could also provide me with an instance of the ‘Leader-feeder Effect‘ that I had propounded earlier.

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