Mumbai Blasts: Enough is enough


In case you are looking for information on the Mumbai blasts of July 11, please see the following two resources:


Yet again!

And I am very angry. Not as much shocked or distressed, as angry! And this anger is caused by yet again being undermined by mindless acts of rotten souls.

And I hate it when people who-know-they-can’t-help-in-any-way try to show their ‘interest/involvement’ by giving verbal accolades like “…the resilient spirit of Mumbai…” et al.

What resilient spirit? Ask those for whom their social world is held hostage in those few minutes to hours till they hear about their near and dear ones. And ask those whose world collapses.

I have serious objections to the doling out of this phrase.

Contrary to the notion of ‘getting lost in the anonymity of crowds’ — I would rather Mumbai demonstrate the notion of ‘getting caught by the watchful eyes of the crowds’.

In a city of around 1.5 crores, with practically no isolated spaces, how can one get away with leaving bombs in crowded places? They say crowds are indifferent. I dispute that. Crowds are not indifferent, they are reassuring. An individual lets his guard down in the belief that the ‘crowd’ will provide safety. And it is this dropping of individual guard, that lets us down. If every person would take responsibilty of the few feet around him, there would not be an inch of space and a fraction of time vulnerable to such attacks.

Very angry. (And intolerably violated)

This story on Rediff pretty much summed up and put in better words (even though US analogy is a little weak), my thinking on the subject as well — including the headline.

Update 2:
And this piece of writing by Jeffery Rufus mocks the ‘resilient’ epithet so well. Exactly what I had wanted to say. He says it so well.

12 thoughts on “Mumbai Blasts: Enough is enough

  1. hey rahul did u see the way the civilians helped the injured while the police keptt standing?
    the sight was very insipiring to see the civilians doing their bit…
    as well as very disheartning to see the forces doing nothing…
    the event was very sad…..


  2. No Masood its not apathy. There is a certain fearlessnes that comes of continual exposure. And if there was no chalta hai.. we would be pulling our hair in frustration every other week. the last week itself mumbai saw a bandh, communal sparks here and there and these blasts.


  3. Milind:
    That’s the inspiring part as well as my biggest fear. Some people rise to the occasion and taking advantage of that some others (authorities here) sit back easy…
    And this continues till eternity or extinction?


  4. Extinction Rahul… either we’ll tire them to extinction by not stopping no matter what… or they’ll tire us to extinction where we will give up hope of any change in our situation and let them guide us to our unceremonious deaths.


  5. As Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib said,

    “Humkoo Malloum Hai Jannat (sans India) Ki Hakkikat Lekkin
    Dil Kay Khushh Rakhneey Ko, Ghalib Yeh Khayaal Acchha Hai”


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