This Guy’s Goma make it big!

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Chances are high that by now you have already heard about the mix-up at BBC News 24, where a wrong 'Guy' (pun intended) was interviewed as an expert on a programme to discuss the court ruling in a case between Apple Computers and Apple Music. If not, read the details here.

Fair chance that by now you may also have seen that uproariously funny clip, where the wrong Guy (pun unavoidable) first makes the most hilarious expressions on discovering the goof-up, and then goes on to confidently answer the questions put to him. (Laughter guaranteed!).

Chances are there that some of you would have been quite impressed with his ability to carry on with the show in front of the cameras, so as to suggest a career for him in the media! You are not alone in thinking so. See what a lot of other people are saying about this, here.

And it was only a matter of time, before other media groups picked up on this, and tried to make some funny footage of their own. Channel 4, did its own studio interview with him, where he was asked to answer questions in his capacity as a Venezuelan, a lawyer, and a doctor — all of which he is not! Watch it here.

Then he got invited to Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, where he got a tremendous applause from the studio audience. Watch it here.

His original BBC clip was also made into a remix version!

Wait that's not all, there is already a website on/for him!

A Google search on "Guy Goma" throws up some 80,000+ 104,000+ 124,000+ 198,000+ results!

In the next few weeks/months, Guy Goma could try and capitalize on his brush with fame. Columns online and in print — where he answers questions on *any* topic. This is sure to become a big hit, what with people so eagerly looking forward to hearing him talk on issues he has no clue about! Television appearances have already started. If he is lucky, he may end up making a fair amount of money from this. Then he may not at all need the original job he had come to interview for at BBC. The job's done!


This has shades of the Mahir Cagri madness which happened at the height of the dotcom boom, where an ordinary Turk, Mahir Cagri, found himself becoming a freak celebrity. Read about it here.


(May 22) BBC has asked YouTube to remove some of those clips over copyright issues! I guess they finally saw some value in the content to push for copyright cover!

(May 23) In a potentially tragic twist, Goma may face deportation due to possible immigration complexities. Read here.

(May 27) Finally, Wikipedia has a chapter on this, so I can stop my updates, while you can catch the updates here.  

2 thoughts on “This Guy’s Goma make it big!

  1. awesome…his life is made! For all we know…he didn’t know it was a faus pax and thought it was actually the interview he came for.

    Know somebody who can make me his media manager?


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