Picking up the threads


It’s a miracle that I remember the login credentials of this account, considering the loooooong gap since the last post.

The world around has changed a lot since then. I sure have changed as a person too. The device I am typing this on didn’t even exist when I had last posted here! (a gizmo show off plug here: I am typing this on a Samsung Galaxy Tab)

I am looking forward to renewing my tryst with writing. However, hardly any issues I have a point of view or position on now. Humor, I shall try and continue with – more as a mission. You could call it my missionary position :)


The ‘Most Powerful Doctor’ in India-III


To get a context of this post you are advised to read the prequels to this:

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The ‘Most Powerful Doctor’ in India-II

Alas! The mighty have fallen a la Ozymandias!

photo_020107_003.jpg photo_020107_005.jpg
photo_020207_001.jpg photo_013007_001.jpg

Somehow the details never came out, but the bulldozers did. On a weekend, many weeks ago.

And I have to confess — despite the pain I endured all these years — I did feel a tinge of sadness seeing this edifice being brought down. Somewhat similar to what some Americans would have felt on the hanging of Saddam Hussain!


Some construction patchwork and some freshly painted signboards tell me that hope floats!

photo_040607_002.jpg photo_040507_001.jpg photo_040607_003.jpg

The ‘Most Powerful Doctor’ in India-II


This in continuation of my query here.

The most powerful doctor in India is… Dr. Vashisht!

Everyday, (especially weekdays) he impacts the lives of easily a couple of lakh people in Delhi. And such is his impact, that the authorities have had to bend rules to accommodate the extent of his impact. While the immediate impact can be for periods ranging from 10 minutes to an hour or more, its effects last for quite a while.

However, till about a few years ago, his impact was much more pronounced and would touch the lives of a far greater number of people and for much longer periods of time. In fact, it was rivalled only by the impact of the Deity in the temple across the road.

So who is Dr. Vashisht?

Do your Google searches to find out. While I too shall be coming out with my reasons, next week.

Ok, I took much more than a week to come back on this one. And that had nothing to do with the subject of this post.

So here goes (you can click on thumbnail images of these Google Earth screen-grabs for more detailed pictures)…

This is about the glorious land called India…

…and its northern plains…

…and its historic capital city Delhi.

The same Capital, that houses the Parliament House, Lodhi Gardens, Gandhi Samadhi, FerozShah Kotla, Humayun’s Tomb and of course the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology – Delhi (IIT-Delhi).

And of course there is Dr. Vashishth’s Clinic!

…by the side of a road in a densely packed area (contrast this with the open greens in the above image). There was also a temple right across the road. Many people believe doctors are like Gods. Then this was a double-whammy — God and Dr.Vashishth in the same area.

And together they began having a pronounced influence on the lives of people.

Untill… the evil establishment of the day ravaged the area. Most buildings along both sides of the road were demolished. Only two structures stood the onslaught of bulldozers — the temple and Dr. Vashishth’s clinic! The latter backed by a court stay order.

Then one day, even the temple was demolished, with due reverence of course!

All other building uptill the yellow lines (in the image below) are gone. However, Dr. Vashishth’s clinic still stands victoriously along the road.

Bringing to nought all the efforts being made by the evil estabishment to ease the traffic congestion in the area.

Recently the traffic police broke the central divider on the road to let traffic manoeuvre its way across Dr.Vashishth’s projecting clinic on the road.photo_100306_001.jpg

Observe closely, there are vehicles going in the same direction on opposite sides of the road. Only Dr.Vashishth can bring things to such a pass!photo_101906_002.jpg

And here are drive-by images of the proud edifice — Dr. Vashishth’s Clinic, on Ring Road, Naraina!photo_101906_003.jpg





* Notice how the space widens up immediately after Dr. Vashishth’s clinic.

So this was the tale of the mighty Dr.Vashishth!

And what does the evil Google throw up on this mighty man?

Seema in her FIR stated that her father O P Vashisht, mother Kamlesh and brother Naveen, had brutally beaten her, and they tried to hang her by duppatta on March 25, 2002. Seema’s father Vashisht and brother Naveen, are running a nursing home at Naraina village.

The Most Powerful Doctor in India


Doctors as a breed are universally acknowledged as people who save and affect lives. Whether it is Dr. Christiaan Barnard of South Africa who performed the first heart-transplant operation in 1967; or Dr. Naresh Trehan; or my cousin Dr. Anoop Ganjoo who is a brilliant cardiac surgeon; or doctors who provide prosthetic limbs to patients; or the interns and residents from the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (MGIMS), Sevagram, Wardha, who have to compulsorily serve in rural areas; or even the gynaecologists attached to several nursing homes who are on call at all hours.

So here is my simple poser to you.

Who do you think is the most powerful doctor in India?

Before you read ahead, just think of all the doctors you have seen / heard/known about — those that have an impact on our daily lives. And then think of the most powerful ones — the ones who have an impact on the largest number of people.