The Kingfisher Airlines Myth

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I travelled from Delhi to Mumbai and back yesterday; like I have done on other occasions. The only thing different this time around was the airline — Kingfisher.

If Indian (airlines) was started because the government believed, it had to be involved in every sector of the industry; while Jet Airways was started because some people believed exactly the opposite — that private-sector (with greater responsibility towards quality) should be involved in every business too; and Sahara’s alleged business-model was to run a loss-making airline; and Deccan ushered in a changed paradigm with low-cost being the USP — obviously Kingfisher as an airline was borne out of an individual’s wannabe aspirations, backed by PR generated paid-for hype and abetted by the laziness of feature writers of today!

The wannabe individual is Vijay Mallya. You may ask, with his famed riches and wealth, who would he aspire to be? The answer of course is…