The Old Age Home

Life, Travel

A new cohort checks into an old age home.

This group is special because it includes a decorated war-veteran, who continued to serve national duty at airports across the country.

Then there’s the world traveller who sailed around the globe on a boat with her partner.

Yet another achiever went all the way to Everest basecamp and would’ve gone further but for an avalanche.

For a few of them age has really begun to catch up. They feel the cold right up to their bones and are therefore dressed in tweed coats with a scarf or a muffler to keep them warm.

Over the years, many of them turned vegetarian; but there are some who must have meat in all their meals.

Most of them still retain their enthusiasm for life, but some have become brooding.

One of them reflects on the lingering impact of his childhood years spent in a broken home. Another one recalls having angrily walked out on her parents in an act of juvenile rebellion.

Many of them suffer from arthritis. For some it is so bad that they find it difficult to even lift a leg.

Some have difficulty peeing because of prostate.

Some have difficulty peeing, because it’s difficult for them to lift a leg.

And yet, all of them are just teenagers. At the fag-end of their lives.

Man’s best friends forever.


p.s. I’ve developed the same into a comic, here.


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