A 5000 word fun post


But remember, the fun lies in your imagination.

Lavatory, observatory, dormatory (dormitory)? Tiger Den Govt. Guest House, Sariska

My looo or My 1000? (The number 2 is a coincidence, right?) A shop in Shenzhen, China.

No comments from me! The fun lies entirely in your imagination :-) A shop in Shenzhen, China
. photo_061607_002.jpg
(1) No butts on the beach? Isn’t that anti-dress code?
(2) The graphic seems to suggest that fish should not smoke!!
Signboard at Pattaya beach, Thailand

Appetite killer — this just when you are about to place your order! The Fifth, Food Avenue, MBK, Bangkok

And the 5000 words promised in the post title? Don’t you know how many words a picture is worth!

6 thoughts on “A 5000 word fun post

  1. Nikhil: eye5 is ROCKING! If ever you consider inviting peers to add to your own repertoire of funny signages — please consider my carte blanche willingness to hand over mine to you :)


  2. Ohh I too spotted that butt garbage signboard @ pattaya beach last week….ohh MBK mall…HUGE…..fifth avenue…..am high on holiday hangover right now…btw, when are you planning to resume kauntest???


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