The ‘Most Powerful Doctor’ in India-III


To get a context of this post you are advised to read the prequels to this:

The ‘Most Powerful Doctor’ in India-I
The ‘Most Powerful Doctor’ in India-II

Alas! The mighty have fallen a la Ozymandias!

photo_020107_003.jpg photo_020107_005.jpg
photo_020207_001.jpg photo_013007_001.jpg

Somehow the details never came out, but the bulldozers did. On a weekend, many weeks ago.

And I have to confess — despite the pain I endured all these years — I did feel a tinge of sadness seeing this edifice being brought down. Somewhat similar to what some Americans would have felt on the hanging of Saddam Hussain!


Some construction patchwork and some freshly painted signboards tell me that hope floats!

photo_040607_002.jpg photo_040507_001.jpg photo_040607_003.jpg

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