Smart SMS from Airtel Mumbai


One could easily tag most SMS messages that service providers send out to subscribers as unsolicited spam. However, Airtel Mumbai has this smart message for roaming customers coming from other circles that has an instant ‘call-to-action’:


Someone somewhere must be waiting for your call. Inform your loved ones of your arrival in Mumbai. Airtel (INA 92) extends a warm welcome to you.


Now contrast this with the following SMS I received from IDEA while roaming in Delhi.

Dear customer, Stay connected & experience the best coverage only with IDEA. Call 12345 for any assistance. An IDEA can change your life!!

The first one addresses a customer need, while the second one is just company-speak.

10 thoughts on “Smart SMS from Airtel Mumbai

  1. Whether its addressing ‘customer need’ or ‘company speak’, the fine line is thin, the bottomline behind both messages is profit at the customers cost.


  2. sweet jaiwanti & kalpesh:

    Your are right, at the end of the day it is about profit — BUT… the customer minds it less when he sees some benefit — real or perceived!


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