Krrish Case Study @ IIM Indore?

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Yay! My alma mater does it again!

IIM Indore is going to make a case-study out of Krrish on “successful promotion of Brand India”. Well whatever that means! In fact initially I had thought they were going to make a case-study on brand placements within Krrish — something that would have been of relevance to students of media, marketing and branding — perhaps looking at ways of measuring ROI from in-film brand placements.

IIMs are in consensus for short-listing ‘Krrish’ as one of the first Indian movies which has a capability of an international-level case study. It is one of the few movies which has emerged from Third World countries to have a say in the world market,” said Prashant Salwan, professor of international business and marketing, IIM-Indore.

In the past also, IIM Indore had decided to ride the hype bandwagon when it had decided to use the film Lagaan as a teaching aid in its module on leadership. Well, I have nothing against using a film for putting across concepts, it’s the press release announcing this to the world that makes me feel a little ‘IIPM ish’, if you know what I mean.

In our time we had a case-study on the Uruguay football team survivors from an air crash in the Andes ranges. It talked of how, faced with survival issues, the team dynamics evolved — with various team members taking on different roles as they struggled for survival — leader, follower, supporter, fence-sitter etc. Some years later I saw the film Alive on the same crash, and I appreciated the concepts even more.

In the above quote I was most-intrigued by the “consensus on short-listing Krrish” part. My mind couldn’t help but imagine the directors of the 6 IIMs sitting in a screeing room deciding which film should be used as a case-study!

Hope Arjun Singh doesn’t get a whiff of this, lest…

36 thoughts on “Krrish Case Study @ IIM Indore?

  1. This definitely seems to be the first and unique step in the field of Indian Management education to utilize the concepts and strategies of International Marketing in Media Industry.
    This is the first step of its kind in India in weaving a strong relatinship between Film Production(in fact Post -Production) and management education. This will further broaden the knowkledge base of the “to be managers”.
    However, last year an IIM-Lucknow Graduate Tarun Tripathi, joined Yash Raj Films straight out of IIM, Angad Bedi joined Kaleidoscope after his MBA from Narsee Monji [ Ref: Now the academicians also seems to be heading towards the same direction.


  2. Hi Junaid!

    Surely any such step is welcome, just that we need to be able to discern between hype and substance. As long as the subject is well-researched and on a strong premise, it would be absolutely wonderful. In fact, I would love to contribute to it as well. But isn’t a press-release backed announcement on the kind of case-studies an institute is going to develop… hmmmm… IIPM-ish?

    To the names you mentioned, you could add yours truly as well, who had joined Sony Entertainment Television (which dabbled in film production too) from campus, and then taught media students at the Kaleidoscope (and Cybermedia) promoted School of Convergence :) Of course, I know dozens more such people as well, who joined the media & entertainment industry after graduating from premier management institutes.

    Just watch this space, I’ll be putting out more info on this soon (hopefully).


  3. ” IIM Indore is going to make a case-study out of Krrish on “successful promotion of Brand India”. Please check your facts. This part is certainly not true.

    I understand you feeling squirmish about your alma mater riding onto the hype bangwagon, but why don’t cut them some slack until the case study is released. If it doesn’t meet professional standards, there’ll be solid grounds for proving that it was much ado about nothing. It would be stupid to ignore the growth in the media and entertainment sector just because IIPM painted the town red with its filmy infatuation.

    IIM-I is very young and it needs to be proactive all on fronts and take bold steps to make its presence felt. Some of these initiatives may appeal to the classical way of doing things, but I think they mark out an institute that’s trying. Its other case-studies on Mittal-Arcelor Deal, Infosys, Birla Group, Amul, etc have been overshadowed in most media by the Krrish brouhaha. That doesn’t mean the institute is not serious about the former. For more activities at IIM-I, you could contact the alumni committee.

    Being the youngest IIM is not easy. Ofcourse, your comments are welcome esp coz all these inputs give the insti different perspectives. Besides, you are free to have an opinion. But wouldn’t it be swell if alumni didn’t just judge but come forth with suggestions on how can they help the insti find its place amongst the biggies in mgmt education


  4. I dont know what your reasons are for labelling your ‘Alma Mater’ as IIPM-ish, but I do hope they are good
    I, for one, see perfect sense in making a case study on the movie Krrish, if you have seen the movie, is a classic example of international marketing, leveraging international cost differentials, business planning, unique revenue generation modelling as well as strategic promotion. Any successful business actually might need the same advantages, I am sure.
    IIM Indore is young, and its trying to break away from the mould by introducing novel concepts with regard to management training. Where exactly is the harm in that? And what about the Arcelor -Mittal case study, the Amul one as well as the Aditya Birla Group one also? If you are looking for academic rigor, I dont see where it is lacking with respect to making the case studies.
    And if you are to talk of the publicity that we have garnered, I for one know, that news becomes news only when the public sees merit in it. Every IIM sends out press releases for everything that happens on campus. Not everything gets published. The very fact that this did implies that this was deemed newsworthy. And why blame IIM Indore for it? If an innovative initiative generates interest, I dont think IIM Indore can directly be labelled as being publicity hungry.
    It is unfortunate that you being an alumni would put online quotes which seem to me a little opinionated and definitely unsubstantiated. I agree with anonymous when he says you should actually come forward to see how you can contribute, other than passing judgement.
    There are lots happening on campus, if you could find out. There is ambition, and there is passion. And you aint seen nothing yet. Next time you see IIM Indore in the papers, remember, its because they are worth it.


  5. Hi anon:
    I was quoting from the MSN India story, and the link to the source of the quote is right there. So if you could please check that as well.
    As far as most of your points are concerned, I am in agreement. Also my IIPM-reference was not with respect to work being done in the media & entertainment space (which in fact, is very encouraging); it had to do with press-releases. Nothing more.

    Hi Subhasree:
    On the reason for the IIPM reference etc. refer to the response to anon above. And going by your last line — next time you see IIPM in the papers, rememeber, is it because they are worth it?

    Well, I agree with both of you saying that of the other case-studies mentioned, the one on Krrish got the maximum hype, and that’s the media’s perspective, not necessarily the institute’s.

    Perhaps this is just a little discussion about the various ways (some short-term, and some long-term) towards making a name for a fledgling institute. That’s fair.

    As for me being judgemental — Naah! This is just a singular response to a singular activity. I have no doubt in my mind that IIM-I is going to scale greater heights in times to come. I have my stakes in it too.


  6. Hi.

    This is Tarun from YRF.

    1. Is Krissh really the best example?
    2. I have been trying to contact IIM – I to speak to its students – I lecture all over india, and IIM-I is the only IIM not on my roster. Can you put me in touch with the right people.

    The point is not jumping onto a bandwagon – it is to create core competence.

    Watch out for D:2.


  7. Hi Tarun!

    Interesting that you raise this question w.r.t – Is Krrish the best example. Prima facie, I wouldn’t think so. But then I am all for trying out. Which do you think are the best examples?

    I’ll email you the IIM-I alumni contact details.

    And of course Dhoom-2 is awaited. More so because I just saw the MTV spoof Ghoom earlier today :)


  8. Hi,

    Nice to read all these comments…This shows that films have a power to overshadow other industries (viz IT,Consulting,Manufacturing etc) when it comes to arousing the general interest of the public…

    My question to Tarun Tripathi :

    Tarun,did u join YRF out of sheer interest in film related business??
    Or did u join YRF just becoz it offered an astronomical sum (this is what most B-schoool students do…Run after money ) ?????


  9. Hi Lakshmikanth:

    Films undoubtedly hold the audiences interest more than any medium.

    While Tarun would be the best person to answer your question, my perspective on this is — most people join this business primarily out of interest. With due respect to YRF, they might not be the best pay masters! Certainly nowhere in the same league as the bigger companies in IT, finance, consulting etc.


  10. Hi Rahul,

    I work with the second biggest IT firm..I am here for 3 years..I joined this company for the huge pay package that it offers.But today, I see that I still have to life for another 40-50 years( I m 26)
    I cannot do all this for the rest of my life.
    And definitely,YRF must be paying a decent salary to Mr.Tarun Tripathi..U see,life becomes worth living if you do something of your interest and also get paid for the same…Becoz when u like what u r doing , you always do it better than other without any consciousness.

    That itself will bring in more money…
    Tarun ….Pls comment


  11. I have also read about the profiles of many CEOs who chose to work for Media Companies like B4U,ETC and Star TV..Indiafm,the premier bollywood site is also run by an MBA graduate. It has recieved many awards in the past for getting the maximum business deals…and CEO will always get paid well..What say Rahul..??? But yes, Hardwork remains the key to success even here.


  12. Hi Lakshmikanth,
    Thanks for revisiting.
    I agree with you entirely, and that’s essentially the point I was trying to make w.r.t. a person’s interest and passion in the kind of work. And I subscribe to the view (with all inherent limitations of experience) that while initially the money paid by media companies might be lower than others, over time it evens out.

    So all we need now is Tarun to share his salary details with us and then this issue will be settled ;-)

    Of the people I know personally — MD of Disney India, Rajat Jain, as also their Head of Programming, Nachiket Pantvaidya, are both IIM A graduates; Bobby Bedi is an alumnus of Jamnalal Bajaj; Kacon Sethi and Kunal Das Gupta are both from IIM C.


  13. PPS. Your “forward looking” institute is not forwad-looking enough to respond to emails? Please get me the relevant conteact?


  14. Rahul n Tarun…HAPPY DIWALI to you all……I gave GMAT last week and scored 650…Want to apply to UVDARDEN school of Management for an MBA degree in Media and Marketing…Pls suggest as to which B-Schools are the best for an MBA degree which can be used in the Media Industry..( both India and Abroad) .Tarun has an IIM ka hot MBA degree …so quite lucky guy…What abt your Razdan ???….


  15. Pls suggest as to which B-Schools ..( both India and Abroad) are the best for getting an MBA degree which can be used in the Media Industry


  16. Thanks Lakshamikanth!
    Though I am afraid, I’d not know much about B-schools specifically for the media industry. Personally, I have preferred studying in a ‘mainstream’ management institute and then walking into the media industry.
    As for where I have studied, it seems you missed that even though I mentioned that in many of my posts :(


  17. Wow………….RAHUL………Ur CV is damn impressing Man…
    Media,Sports,Acads,Architechture …all in one…

    But reading your CV I could not make out as what your daily routine is like and u mentioned challenging Media Oportunity…What is this ??

    Do u get chance to meet film celebrities ?

    How is an IIM ka Management degree helpful in achieving your passion for films/media ??

    I wish I cud speak to you in person


  18. Lakshmikanth:
    Even I am trying to make some sense out of my daily routine :-)
    And far as the “challenging media opportunity” is concerned am living from one challenge to another.
    You could write to me at rahulrazdan at gmail


  19. Is the New York Stern School oF Business good ??…..They have a specialization in EMT .i.e Entertainment Marketing ….Pls pour in inpus


  20. Hi Lakshmikanth,
    Honestly I wouldn’t know much about this. Though I did go through their website after you mentioned it. The programme looks interesting, especially the research. But one can’t really formulate a considered opinion by looking at websites alone.


  21. hello all seniors im abhishek negi,belong to dehradun, im pursuing pgdbm from gimt(global institute of management and technology) at noida,newly opened.i have been assigned a case analysis on saurav ganguly, his come back including swot analysis. and i need some idea how to make case analysis. so if any could kindly help me out, i would be very thankful to him/her. i hav to submit that on 20th march 2007. so plz mail me my e-mail address is


  22. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i m first salut our film industry
    they work for us effective and effencity
    Though I am afraid, I’d not know much about B-schools specifically for the media industry. Personally, I have preferred studying in managment5 college also in pgdm xidas jabalpur institute and then walking into the media industry.
    As for where I have studied, it seems you missed that even though I mentioned that in many of my gives us power to think out of bun


  23. Hi Tarun , i know this is quite random and not related to your disscussion . . but i had a few questions . . i hope u can help me out . . I am a BMS Graduate and have always strive to be in a position you are today . . i always wanted to be a part of YRF , probably wrking for the HR , PR or MARKETING team .. The thought of wrking in YRF has always interseted me . . my question to you wud be . . Should i directly apply fro a job in YRF ( If YES . . HOW ? ? ) or should i do am MBA in MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT ( IF yes pls suggest some good univ which wud provide me the programme , wud whistling woods be a good option ) what wud be the best alternative after graduations ? ? HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON . . Thanx a ton . . take care . .


  24. @ Anonymous:: I don’t know if Tarun (Tripathi) follows this blog any more. And I don’t think he is with Yash Raj Films anymore. Last heard he was at MySpace.


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